Web Solutions

Your company’s website is an essential marketing tool to attract customers. Whether the goal of your site is to educate the public or serve as an online extension of your business, the impression your website can create is critical.

Monroestar is a Chicago based design firm that creates dynamic, interactive websites using contemporary web design methods. We will determine the best way to market your business over the Internet, create a custom web design tailored specifically to your needs, and make any needed adjustments after communicating with you.

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We offer both custom web design or Wordpress theme based design for your site that will reflect your organization’s character and tone. We’ll take into account your style, target audience, and the image you wish to project to design a website to suit your needs.


We can get your message across. We will organize the information for your website and generate compelling headlines and persuasive advertising copy to convince your target audience of the quality of your business. Your website’s functionality is just as important as its design in terms of how it helps your business. Intuitive, user-friendly links and web applications ensure a positive interactive experience for your audience.


We create customized SEO solutions based on your specific marketing needs. Our SEO strategies will target your unique consumer niche, identify the latest online marketing trends, help your brand rise in browser rankings, and increase overall online visitor traffic.

Social Media

Ready to get to know your targeted demographic in a whole new and meaningful way? Your brand needs a social media presence. Our team of online marketing specialists can create effective business pages and engaging posts so you stay planted firmly on the top of your followers' social media radar.

Print Solutions

Our print design services will help your organization develop a unique corporate identity to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Logo Design

We will design an expressive and distinguishing logo that captures your business’s identity.

Branding Messages

A catchy, powerful slogan is a critical part of your marketing strategy. We’ll help you choose one that portrays your organization’s goals.

Business Materials

To successfully promote your business, we can develop a complete print design package that includes business cards, a letterhead, envelopes and more.

Promotional Materials

While the Internet has revolutionized the marketing world, print design and promotional materials are still important. We can create printed materials, promotional items and signage to complete your advertising campaign.