The Monroestar Web Design Team

Vinay Mullick Co-Founder

Dave Spoehr Co-Founder

Tim Reck Lead Developer

Monroestar, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a business venture between two college friends, Vinay Mullick and Dave Spoehr. Vinay and Dave combined their respective knowledge of business and design to create a progressive Chicago web design company that emphasized teamwork and partnership between the web design team and the client. This approach paid off and over the years, Monroestar has evolved into a dynamic business development firm that specializes in web design, print design, and branding.

Monroestar’s skilled Chicago web design team creates targeted marketing campaigns for each and every client, whether it is print design or custom web design. Using innovative marketing techniques and network of dedicated providers, the Monroestar team helps clients develop their business image online and in print. Monroestar's partners consist of designers, developers, graphic artists, and SEO content writers. Together, they develop marketing strategies that accomplish client goals through dynamic and interactive websites that provide a positive user experience.

While the Monroestar Chicago web design team always works together to find solutions for its clients, each team member has a distinct role within the firm.

Vinay Mullick

Vinay Mullick Co-Founder //

“If there's a better job than bringing good fortune to good people, I don't know about it.”

Vinay directs all back-office functions, business development initiatives, and client services. He assists with web-based application creation, and personally conducts quality checks on all consumer-interface product development.

Like Dave, Vinay is an NIU grad, majoring in Industrial Engineering and also earning a minor in Business Administration. This combination gained the attention of many Fortune 500 companies, winning him influential positions at Intel Corporation, Gillette Company, Motorola, and UPS.

Though he has been busy climbing the corporate ladder over the years, Vinay has taken time to give back to his community. Vinay is an alumnus of Teach For America, the national corps of young professionals who commit to two years of teaching in urban and rural public schools. He has spent a considerable amount of time working on Chicago’s Southside as a classroom teacher and also as a school administrator.

Vinay's accomplishments and dedication have not gone unnoticed. The NIU Alumni Association recognized him with the Outstanding Young Alumni Award and his educational accomplishments include being named a Unilever Performance Plus Finalist, which was awarded to the top 1% of Chicago Public School Teachers. Most recently the Illinois Athletic Directors Association recognized him as the Division One Athletic Director of the Year.

Vinay credits his teaching and leadership experiences for his ability to connect and communicate so well with Monroestar clients. It is this diverse, hands-on experience coupled with his entrepreneurial aptitude that has helped make Monroestar the success it is today.

Dave Spoehr

Dave Spoehr Co-Founder //

“I find immense satisfaction in bringing vision to fruition—not just my own, but our clients’ as well.”

Dave's contributions to Monroestar over the past 14 years defy definition. He has been instrumental to the company's success from the start. Today he is responsible for the overall growth and development of Monroestar but still finds time to work on special projects, providing design strategy and guidance. His imagination and discriminating eye make up the heart and soul of Monroestar.

After earning his BFA in Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University, Dave went on to study design and architecture in Italy and Spain. He earned the prestigious Society of Newspaper Design’s Award of Excellence for his work at Copley Press Chicago. Afterwards he played a key role at a Chicago web design firm, where he was recognized for his work in both print design and also multi-media projects. Soon after, he and Vinay decided to venture into Chicago web design together and Monroestar was born.

Tim Reck

Tim Reck Lead Developer //

“I love dealing with concepts and turning abstract ideas into reality for our clients.”

Tim specializes in design and interactive graphics. Another team member with roots at NIU, Tim also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of Hartford. He has been part of the Monroestar team since 2012 where he heads up the art department. Tim oversees the entire design process and is instrumental in the development of web applications for our clients.

Tim's background in graphic design, computer science, and web development make him the ideal person to interface with Monroestar clients. He is skilled at taking clients' abstract ideas and turning them into images and designs that perfectly communicate the message they want to send and he can explain the technology behind the website too.

Recently, Tim has spent a good deal of time redesigning and overhauling older sites that just don't work well in today's mobile environment. Incorporating mobile technology into sites so that they are more responsive, functional, and interactive for mobile users is something Monroestar considers with every project. Thanks to Tim's expertise, it's also something we have no trouble accommodating. Tim has the ability to foresee the features and functions businesses will need to remain competitive online and then incorporate those into the final website design. This gives Monroestar clients an advantage over their competitors who will be busy playing catch-up while they are weathering technology changes with ease.